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National Holidays and Memorial Days

  • 3rd August

         Corn Road - The Path of Salvation

    Corn Road - The Path of Salvation was the only and the shortest way of entering and leaving the City of Vukovar while being completely rounded up by enemies. The Road was secured during the September 1991.

    4th - 7th August

         Operation Storm

         The military and police operation started on 4th August 1995 to free the occupied Croatian territory under the self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina. The occupied territories were returned into the Republic of Croatia constitutional order. The Operations Flash and Storm were the key operations that led to the end of the War. The Operation freed 10 400 km2 (18.4% of the total Croatian territory)

    14th August 

         The Memorial Day of Serbian Concentration Camps Inmates

         Around 30 000 Croatian soldiers were detained in Serbian concentration camps and the camp inmate status was assigned to 8000 people. Around 300 were killed in a torture and nobody has been processed or held responsible for those deaths yet. After 269 days of the imprisonment, on 14th August 1992 in Nemetin near Osijek 714 camp prisoners were exchanged.

    17th August

         The Log Revolution

         The Log Revolution was an insurrection of local Serbs, supported by Serbia and Yugoslav People’s Army. On 17th August 1991 the roads and rail routes in Knin area were blocked by Serbian armed insurgents using the blogs and rocks. The Socialist Republic of Croatia territory was interrupted, telephone network was broken and an internal Serbian state was created.

    25th August

         The Battle of Vukovar Beginning

         On Saturday, 24th August 1991 the Croatian soldier Luka Andrijanic returned fire and hit two JNA planes, which were attacking the silo in Djergaj near Brsadin. One plane was shut down. The next day, on 25th August 1991, a JNA vehicle, moving from Vukovar (Borovo naselje) to Borovo Selo, turned off the road and drove over an anti-tank mine, killing JNA soldiers. This triggered a fierce attack by the JNA and Serbian paramilitary forces on Vukovar and marked the beginning of the Battle.

  • 9th September

         Operation Medak Pocket

         From 9th September to 11th September Croatian soldiers undertook the military operation against the Serbian Army of Krajina and JNA and liberated the so-called Medak pocket. In eight hours, 48 km2 of the occupied territory (from where the Serbian artillery rocketed and shelled Gospic area) was liberated. 

    23rd September

         204th Vukovar Brigade 

         204th Vukovar Brigade was formed on 25th September 1991, the Brigade is also named Vukovarska. Its first commander was Mile Dedakovic - Hawk. In the official documents it is known as 124th brigade.


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