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National Holidays and Memorial Days

  • 9th September

         Operation Medak Pocket

         From 9th September to 11th September Croatian soldiers undertook the military operation against the Serbian Army of Krajina and JNA and liberated the so-called Medak pocket. In eight hours, 48 km2 of the occupied territory (from where the Serbian artillery rocketed and shelled Gospic area) was liberated. 

    23rd September

         204th Vukovar Brigade 

         204th Vukovar Brigade was formed on 25th September 1991, the Brigade is also named Vukovarska. Its first commander was Mile Dedakovic - Hawk. In the official documents it is known as 124th brigade.

  • 8th October

         Independence Day

         On 8th October 1991 Croatian Parliament unanimously reached a Decision on dissolution of all state and legal ties with other republics and provinces of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Croatian Parliament acknowledged that the Republic of Croatia considered no body representing Yugoslavia neither legitimate nor legal and did not recognize any legal act representing former federation

    16th October

         Blago Zadro and Alfed Hill Commemoration Day

         On 16th October 1991 two heroes, Blago Zadro and Alfred Hill were killed. Major General Blago Zadro, the defence commander of Borovo naselje, was killed in Kupska street and Alfred Hill, the first commander military police of 204th Vukovar brigade was killed in Sajmiste.

    19th October

         Vukovar Humanitarian Convoy

         Vukovar humanitarian aid convoy was organized by Ministry of Health and an international, humanitarian, nongovernmental organization Doctors without Borders. The convoy evacuated 114 patients from Vukovar hospital on 19th October 1991.


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