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National Holidays and Memorial Days

  • 8th October

         Independence Day

         On 8th October 1991 Croatian Parliament unanimously reached a Decision on dissolution of all state and legal ties with other republics and provinces of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Croatian Parliament acknowledged that the Republic of Croatia considered no body representing Yugoslavia neither legitimate nor legal and did not recognize any legal act representing former federation

    16th October

         Blago Zadro and Alfed Hill Commemoration Day

         On 16th October 1991 two heroes, Blago Zadro and Alfred Hill were killed. Major General Blago Zadro, the defence commander of Borovo naselje, was killed in Kupska street and Alfred Hill, the first commander military police of 204th Vukovar brigade was killed in Sajmiste.

    19th October

         Vukovar Humanitarian Convoy

         Vukovar humanitarian aid convoy was organized by Ministry of Health and an international, humanitarian, nongovernmental organization Doctors without Borders. The convoy evacuated 114 patients from Vukovar hospital on 19th October 1991.

  • 2nd November

         The Fall of Luzac - Remembrance Day

         On 2nd November 1991 Luzac was occupied and the communication channel between the Croatian defenders was broken. Borovo naselje was cut off from Vukovar and the City was divided into separate pockets.

    10th November

         Bogdanovci Occupation

         On 10th November village Bogdanovici, which was an important strategic position, was occupied. Vukovar was completely rounded up.

    12th November

         Erdut Agreement

         Erdut Agreement was signed on 12th November 1995 in Erdut. The process of peaceful reintegration of the Croatia Danube Region into the Republic of Croatia constitutional order began. 

    18th November

         Vukovar Victims Remembrance Day

    On 18th November 1991, after a three - month siege, the resistance of the Croatian defenders in Vukovar ended. The City was completely destroyed. The City’s the heroic defence later encouraged Croatian armed forces to lead several operations which freed the occupied territories of the Republic of Croatia. 

    19th November

         Borovo Commerce Way of Cross

         On 19th November 1991 Borovo naselje was occupied and many defenders and civilians died. During the defence, 361 people died in Borovo naselje, 176 people are still missing. Thousands of people were sheltered in Borovo Commerce, many were taken to concentration camps and the fate of many remains unknown.

    20th November

        Concentration Camp Velepromet, Mass Grave Ovcara

         Velepromet was a Serbian concentration camp where many Croatian prisoners, soldiers and civilians were kept during and after the Battle of Vukovar. 
         In the night of 20th November, Croatian defenders, civilians and hospital staff were taken from Vukovar Hospital to the hanger 5 km from Vukovar. They were beaten and interrogated and the next day Yugoslav People's Army and local Serbian insurgents dug a mass grave 900 meters away from the hanger. Civilians and prisoners of war were taken in groups and shot at the place of a mass grave known as Ovcara. One of the victims was journalist Sinisa Glavasevic.


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