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National Holidays and Memorial Days

  • 1st May

         Operation Flash

         The Croatian army troops and the special police units started the Operation 1st May 1995 at 5:21 am. The mission was to liberate the remaining part of western Slavonia, the opening up of the Zagreb - Lipovac highway, establishing control over the railroad towards the eastern Slavonia and entering the city of Okucani. 7200 Croatian army troops and policemen liberated 500 km2 of occupied territory.

    2nd May

         12 policemen killed in the action in Borovo Selo

         Two policemen from Osijek - Baranja County were captured in the night of 1st May 1991 in Borovo Selo. The next day special police unit from Vinkovci was sent to Borovo Selo to free the two policemen. The unit was ambushed by Serbian extremists, 12 policemen were killed, 22 were injured.

    3rd May

         The City of Vukovar Day

         On 3rd May 1231 Vukovar became a free royal city. Moreover, 3rd of May is the feast of St. Phillip and James who have been the patrons of the City since 1723, when the construction of St. Phillip and James’ Church began. 

    15th May

         Bleiburg Memorial Day

         On 15th May 1945 Croatian soldiers and civilians fled from the defeated Independent State of Croatia in an attempt to surrender themselves to the British army located near Bleiburg in Austria. The British army handed them over to Yugoslav partisans. Part of the Croatian soldiers and civilians were killed immediately at Bleiburg field, some of them were killed in Slovenia and north - western Croatia, the rest were sent to death march known as the Way of Cross. The forced death march continued through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia.

    19th May

         Croatian Independence Referendum

         The referendum was held on 19th May 1991. 93.24% (2 845 521 voters) voted for independence and sovereignty of Croatia and 92.18% voted against remaining in Yugoslavia. 

    28th May

         The Croatian Armed Forces Day

         National Guard Corp (ZNG) was formed and presented to the public on 28th May 1991 at the stadium of the football club Zagreb. The ceremonial military parade included awarding the flags and taking the oath. Croatian Armed Forces Day coincides with Croatian Ground Army Day.

  • 8th June

         The Train for Vukovar - The Peace Train

         The Peace Train was composed of 21 wagons that symbolically returned to Vukovar on 8th June 1997, during the peaceful reintegration of the Croatian Danube Region. The Train departed from Zagreb and arrived to Vukovar after briefly stopping in Vinkovci. President Franjo Tudjman, the high ranking politicians, church dignitaries, diplomatic officials, and other distinguished people from cultural, scientific and economic fields were on the Train.

    22nd June

         The Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

         On 22nd June 1941 the first Sisak Partisan unit was formed in Brezovica forest near Sisak.  It was the first military unit formed by the resistance movement in occupied Europe.

    25th June

         The Independence Day

         On 25th June 1991 the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia adopted the Declaration on the Establishment of the Sovereign and Independent Republic of Croatia. The Republic of Croatia proclaimed independence and started the process of Croatia’s dissociation from the other republics and the SFRY (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) and the procedure for its international recognition.


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