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Monument to 12 Policemen in Borovo Selo

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The monument honors twelve Croatian policemen who were killed on May 2nd, 1991 in Borovo Selo. The monument was erected in 2002 and is located in the center of the neighborhood.

By the unveiling of the monument, a tribute to the fallen heroes was payed at the entrance of Borovo Selo where 12 cypresses were planted.

The crime was committed by rebel Croatian Serbs on May 2nd, 1991, and the monument marks the massacre of 12 Croatian policemen. On May the 1st, 1991, a police patrol intended to remove the Yugoslav flag, which was hoisted at the entrance of Borovo Selo, and intended to replace it with the Croatian flag. While performing their duties, two policemen were killed and two others were seized by Serbian rebels. The next day, a bus with Croatian police officers arrived to free two captured colleagues. They were ambushed. During the ambush, 12 policemen were killed and more than 20 were wounded.


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