The Memorial Mark Sotin
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Between October 14th and 20th of 1991, after the occupation of the village of Sotin, Serbian military units have forcibly taken away a large number of non-Serb inhabitants from their homes and took them to a concentration camp in the village of Negoslavci where they were subjected to abuse and interrogation. The occupiers held the remaining Croats in the village of Sotin in custody, forced them into labour camps and gradually killed. At the beginning of expatriation, 13 of them were killed, and the others were banished on December 27th.

After the peaceful reintegration, the remains of a small number of victims were found at the local cemetery and in a mass grave at Vucedol vineyards. In Sotin, there were 43 people abducted and missing. Several mass graves were found in Sotin area, one of which is in the Vucedol vineyards where 12 people killed in October 1991 were exhumed. Sotin has a total of 64 victims from 1991, 32 of which are still missing.


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