Luzac Cross - MCDR Vukovar


Luzac Cross
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The Luzac massacre was a Serbian war crime from the era of open aggression against Croatia. It was carried out by the local rebel Serbs, with the help of the JNA forces on All Souls’ Day. After the JNA and Serbian paramilitary units had occupied Luzac on 2 November 1991, 59 Croatian defenders and civilians from this part of Vukovar were killed.

Serbian occupation of Luzac marked the beginning of the fall of Vukovar. JNA and Serbian paramilitary units broke out on Priljevo and Danube from Luzac, thus cutting of communication between Vukovar and Borovo naselje.

The cross was erected not far from the center of Luzac. The inscription on the pedestal of the cross reads: “In memory of the tragically killed 59 Lusac villagers in the Serbian aggression on 2 November 1991.”


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