Eighth Graders Visit Vukovar - MCDR Vukovar


Eighth Graders Visit Vukovar - MCDR Vukovar
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About project

The Public Institution “Memorial Centre of Homeland War Vukovar” conducts an educational project “Eighth Graders Visit Vukovar”. During the project, pupils from all around the country visit the memorial places in Vukovar and surrounding area. The project is a two-day visit to Vukovar where students learn about the values of the Homeland War and the Battle of Vukovar. The visit includes lectures about the Homeland War and visiting the memorial locations. The goal of this project is to educate about coexistance, understanding and tolerance. The transport, accomodation and meals for all eighth-graders is funded by the Ministry of Veterans.

The pupils will also visit the Vukovar City Museum and the Vucedol Archaeological Museum. In the school year 2014/2015, approximately 7000 eighth-grade students participated in project. In 2015/2016, about 40,000 eighth-graders are expected to visit the Public Institution, which speaks in favour of the whole project. Moreover, the project positively affects the process of communication and interaction because it gives the opportunity to learn about customs, habits and culture of the homeland in general. Also, the project could positively affect teachers’ creativity in terms of correlation and integration while teaching.

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