Other memorial locations

The Memorial Cemetery of The Victims of Homeland War

It was created in 1998 after the discovery of the largest mass grave in Croatia after World War II. When the organized defense of Vukovar ceased and the aggressor conquered

The Water Tower

The Vukovar Water Tower, 50 m high and 2200 cubic meters in volume, was built at the end of 1968 at the entrance to the Mitnica neighbourhood. It was one

The Memorial Mark of the Mass Grave in Nova Street

This monument represents the lasting memory of 12 Croatian veterans and civilians executed in aggression against Croatia. A mass grave was found at the well site in the backyard of

Monument to 12 Policemen in the village of Borovo

The monument honours the twelve Croatian policemen who were killed on 2 May 1991 in the village of Borovo. It was erected in 2002 and it is located in the

The Monument Square of Ovcara Victims

The Monument Square of Ovcara victims is situated in a Vukovar neighborhood of Mitnica and it was named in the memory of the wounded soldiers and civilians taken from the

Luzac Cross

The Luzac massacre was a Serbian war crime from the era of open aggression against Croatia. It was carried out by the local rebel Serbs, with the help of the

The Memorial Mark Bogdanovci

Keeping the memory of the 59 Croatian defenders and civilians killed in the village of Bogdanovci in 1991, there is a memorial mark of the mass grave erected at the

The Path of Salvation

In the southwestern part of Vukovar, at the beginning of the dirt road leading through the field, there is a gray chapel that marks the beginning of the so-called “Corn

The Central Cross

The cross was erected in the honour of all fallen defenders for Croatian freedom in October 1998 at the estuary of river Vuka. It was a gift from the Croatian

The Memorial Mark Sotin

Between October 14th and 20th of 1991, after the occupation of the village of Sotin, Serbian military units have forcibly taken away a large number of non-Serb inhabitants from their