The Memorial Cemetery of The Victims of Homeland War - MCDR Vukovar


The Memorial Cemetery of The Victims of Homeland War
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It was created in 1998 after the discovery of the largest mass grave in Croatia after World War II. When the organized defense of Vukovar ceased and the aggressor conquered the city, the houses, yards and streets were covered by the bodies of the dead civilians and defenders. The bodies were shipped out of town and buried in a pit near the town cemetery. With the completion of the peaceful reintegration in 1998, 938 bodies were exhumed from there, and today there are 938 white marble crosses on the site of the mass grave, one in memory of each victim. Encircling the site of the mass grave is a Memorial Cemetery divided into alleys in which eternal peace was found by killed defenders, civilian victims, deceased war veterans and their families. In the central part of the cemetery, on August 5, 2000, a monument was erected by Mrs. Đurđa Ostoja. The monument is made of patinated bronze, it is four meters high, with an “air” cross and an eternal flame in the center.


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