The Memorial Home Ovcara - MCDR Vukovar


The Memorial Home Ovcara
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Five kilometers southeast of Vukovar is the Ovcara farm, which is remembered in the modern Croatian history as the site of the greatest war crime in the Homeland War.

The hangar, which served as a warehouse for agricultural machinery in peacetime, was transformed into a concentration camp for non-Serbs from Vukovar and the surrounding area in September 1991. More than 260 Croatian defenders and civilians were brought to the hangar on November 20 from the Vukovar hospital. Upon arrival, they were stripped of their valuables and personal items and the beatings and torture started. Those that survived the beatings were later that night taken to a location about one kilometer away from the hangar, where a dug pit was waiting for them in the middle of a plowed field. 200 of them were shot and buried there. Today, at the site of the former hangar, there is the Memorial Home Ovcara, forever preserving the memory of the wounded and civilians taken from the Vukovar hospital, imprisoned and tortured in the former hangar, and then executed and buried.

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