The Path of Salvation - MCDR Vukovar


The Path of Salvation
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In the southwestern part of Vukovar, at the beginning of the dirt road leading through the field, there is a gray chapel that marks the beginning of the so-called “Corn Road”, a part of the “Path of Salvation”. The name “Corn Road” refers to a number of dirt roads through cornfields that ran from the Vukovar suburban village of Luzac to the village of Bogdanovci. The “Path of Salvation” was the lifeblood of the occupied Vukovar, as it provided food, medicine, medical supplies, ammunition and fresh manpower, whereas those badly wounded were extracted from Vukovar using the Path. On 1 October 1991, the aggressor occupied the village of Marinci, leaving Vukovar completely surrounded by the enemy forces until the end of the organized defense of the town in November.

The last ones to enter Vukovar through the Path of Salvation were volunteers and members of Croatian Defense Forces from Zagreb, whose initiative helped build the votive chapel. Today, the wooden crosses are placed along the Path.


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