The Place of Memory – Vukovar Hospital - MCDR Vukovar


The Place of Memory – Vukovar Hospital
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During the siege of Vukovar, the Vukovar Hospital was under constant enemy fire, despite a large red cross on the roof of the hospital which signaled to the enemy aviation that it was a place protected by the Geneva Conventions. Nevertheless, during the three-month siege of the town, missiles fell daily on the hospital and its surroundings. Medical staff moved the patients to the basement of the hospital where doctors worked in inadequate conditions and without the necessary medical equipment. On 20 November 1991 JNA members stopped international observers in the city center, during which time more than 260 people were taken from the hospital and killed at Ovcara farm or some other location, and many of them are still missing. Today in the basement of the hospital visitors can see a multimedia presentation of the hospital during the siege of Vukovar and a faithful reconstruction of the basement during the siege of the town.

Opening hours
Mon – Fri: 8h – 15h
Sat – Sun: scheduled groups only

Ticket price with a professional guide
For pupils, students and senior citizens – 7,00 kn
For other adults – 15,00 kn


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