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Velepromet Hangars
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Not far from the Memorial Centre of Homeland War, on the road leading to the village of Negoslavci, there are warehouse hangars of the Velepromet trading company. In September 1991, when the aggressor occupied part of the Sajmište neighbourhood, Velepromet’s storage facilities were transformed into a gathering center and a concentration camp for thousands of imprisoned defenders and civilians. The storage area consists of masonry warehouses and seven tin buildings where non-Serbs were detained without food, water and access to the toilet. The whole complex was enclosed by a high wire fence, armed guards were deployed on the outside of the fence, and armed camp guards were moving inside the wire: Yugoslav National Army soldiers, Territorial Defense and members of Serbian paramilitary units. The door to the hangar was only opened so that uniformed persons could enter into the hangar. They took detainees to the interrogation, which was almost always followed by beatings. The camp was closed in March 1992 and it is estimated that more than 10,000 people had been imprisoned there.



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